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Treevitalise is not the first Birchwater product on the market, but because of the relatively new idea of the product, many brands invested in educating consumers about what it was and how it's made. To ensure originality we focused on a less functional but more emotional brand message.

Treevitalise birch water packaging - Rylands Brand Design

Breathing new life into a brand

Building on the brands existing droplet shape we set out to achieve a distinctive identity by capturing the rejuvenating benefits of pure birchwater, as the trees awaken during spring. We expressed this narrative through the creation of a brand mark that combined purity, energy and nature. The crafted graphic style and colour palette adds a light and refreshing feel to reflect the product attributes.

Treevitalise birch water brand mark - Rylands Brand Design
Treevitalise birch water packaging before and after - Rylands Brand Design

"Always very responsive, they know how stressful a product launch can be for a business. Their calm and understanding personality was invaluable along the way, and their experience and excellent eye for detail have created the best possible result a new brand could have hoped for. I would not hesitate using Rylands Brand Design for any aspect of our creative work."
Anna Skopets, Director, Astera Natural

Treevitalise birch water brand mark - Rylands Brand Design