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The Magnificent Seed

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naming & artwork

When you have a product with clear health benefits, it's easy to slip into relying on functional claims to communicate a point of difference. Grants farm is a beautiful family-owned farm producing fantastically high quality rapeseed oil directly from the countryside. They needed a brand that would future-proof them against retail copies.

Magnificent Seed  packaging - Rylands Brand Design

Avoiding the cliches, we created a brand and identity which communicates health and taste through a natural energy, lightness & bold vitality - exactly how people want to feel when they look after their body and source good quality, delicious food.

We summed up the brand message as 'Glorious goodness' celebrating all that is good and tasty harvested from their fields. We expressed this through the new name, golden colour ways and patch work field graphics.

Magnificent Seed packaging - Rylands Brand Design
Magnificent Seed  brand guidlines - Rylands Brand Design
Magnificent Seed  branding - Rylands Brand Design