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Healthy snacks have always been tricky because there has always been a trade-off regardless of claims to the contrary: either it's made of cardboard and tastes like it, or it's delicious and packed full of natural sugars.

Rootles packaging - Rylands Brand Design

Rootles make chocolate coated biscuits, but so do loads of other brands, the difference is their biscuits are made from veg and created by bakers who know how to make 'deliciously unconventional' biscuits. Rather than be apologetic about creating something nice from a vegetable, we captured the unique product truth via a chocolate coated vegetable brand mark that delivered a 'better for you' indulgence. As a new product on the market we literally showcased what the product is, supported with clear health messages to communicate why they benefit.

Rootles packaging branding - Rylands Brand Design
Rootles packaging branding - Rylands Brand Design
Rootles packaging before and after - Rylands Brand Design