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Chia Bia

Brand strategy, brand identity,
packaging design & guidelines

Everyone knows why Chia is so great. Or do they? And why would they buy a branded range? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves to determine, with the client team, a surprising and compelling new positioning for a great little company owned by Linwoods. Once the insight was established, the design objective became clear; to create an identity which encouraged consumers to experiment and experience the every day wonder of these tiny seeds.

Chia Bia packaging design - Rylands Brand Design

The new identity is formed from imperfect concentric circles radiating from the brand to reveal the when, what and why: meal occasions, clear product descriptors and health messages. We evolved the logo by retaining the Chia plant but cleverly integrating with the name.

Chia Bia packaging logo - Rylands Brand Design
Chia Bia packaging design before and after - Rylands Brand Design