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Tiger Tiger

Brand identity, packaging design,
website design & illustration

Our ambition for Tiger Tiger sauces was to reposition and re-design the brand to migrate from niche to mainstream.

Tiger Tiger products were restaurant quality so we reflected this through a credible identity for cooks to believe that dining in is more authentic than dining out.

Tiger Tiger packaging - Rylands Brand Design

Building on the existing brand logo we crafted an identity combining the symbol of the tiger and ingredients to reflect the rich heritage story and superior quailty.

We developed a range architecture to allow the brands visual assets to flex the key regions of the category but maintain a consistent brand message.

Tiger Tiger ingredients image - Rylands Brand Design
Tiger Tiger Branding Packaging close up - Rylands Brand Design
Tiger Tiger Website layout - Rylands Brand Design
Tiger Tiger Branding before and after - Rylands Brand Design

The effective new look now provides impact, clarity and consistency in a challenging category.

The new design alone led to the first UK supermarket listing in Asda and further product launches and listings in UK, Europe, US and South Africa.

"When you are on a limited budget, then the pack design is all you have in your marketing armoury to create trial. Rylands Brand Design helped create a simple design brief that led to a transformational design for the Tiger Tiger brand. They created the essence of the Tiger Tiger brand and then performed that more difficult task of translating that idea into an impactful design."
Nigel Parrott, Marketing Director